Clara Hagman & Julia Williamson

post-29-1284031605Clara (left) and Julia (right, seated) are the new vocalists of Ace of Base.  Jonas and Ulf started their search for new vocalists in 2009 and they were introduced informally to Acers in early 2010.

Julia Williamson (born August 25th, 1983) was discovered by Martin Dodd, the record company exec who originally signed Ace of Base up to Mega Records in 1992.  Ulf and Jonas had her come in for a try out,  and as soon as she opened her mouth they knew she was right for this project.  Julia’s voice has been described as "similar to Linn’s"  by Jonas.

Clara Hagman (born July 9th, 1991) was a contestant on Swedish Idol 2009.  Ulf was guest starring as a judge on the show and was blown away by her vocals.  He jokes that he was so impressed, that he was worried she would win.  Fortunately (for him)  that wasn’t to be, and Clara was eliminated without making it into the top 10.  Ulf seized his opportunity, and now Clara feels very fortunate to be part of this project.  Clara has taken more of a lead role in songs on The Golden Ratio.  Her voice can be described as raspy.

This page will be updated as more becomes known about the new vocalists.